Är bloggarna attraktivare på arbetsmarknaden?

Svaret är ja om man ska tro Rod Boothby, på Innovation Creators. Han fick själv ett nytt jobb tack vare sin blogg. Så här skriver han:

“Let’s look at it from the other side. Imagine you are a prospective employer, and you can compare two identical candidates. The first candidate has simply handed you a 2 page resume + 1 page cover letter. The second candidate has done the same, but they have also included a link to their blog. Now, further imagine that although the blog gives a more detailed picture, it does not change your opinion of the second candidate.

Which candidate would you choose? My guess is that you would choose the blogger simply because they are a known quantity. When you hire someone, you do not know exactly how they are going to work out. There is a quality distribution. The resume, cover letter and interview give you some information. Based on that information, you can guess on average how the candidate is going to work out. You might guess the exact same quality level for the blogger candidate, but because you have more information from all the blog posts, all the links, searching on their site for instances of how they have handled angry comments, you get a much better idea of how that candidate is going to perform.

Thus, hiring a blogger is a lower risk proposition because you have more information and a better idea of how they are going to perform.”

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